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Podcast Ep. 12 Justine McLean – 12 Tips to get you sorted for EOFY and the one thing you can do to grow your business NOW!

business finances podcast May 30, 2021
A selection of wooden blocks spelling out EOFY and the date of June 30

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Well, it's that time of year – most business owners despise it, retailers love it – it's a great excuse for a sale, and business finance professionals like me really can't wait for it to be over; it's SO busy. Of course, I'm talking about the end of the financial year. 

Today is a solo episode where I'm going to share some tips and tricks to make this EOFY less of a burden. I'm also going to share the most significant thing you can do to help you elevate your business ready for the new financial year.

No need to take notes for this one; I've put together a handy download that covers everything I'm going to share today. Click on the link below or go to my website; it's on the home page ready to go.

Please keep in mind that the advice in today's podcast is general in nature. I recommend discussing any financial changes you want to make in your business with your tax advisor before going ahead.

Download: 12 Tips for EOFY – Plus the one thing you can do to grow your business NOW!


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