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Podcast Ep. 100 Justine McLean - Champagne, Community and the power of Connection

business business tips collaboration communication connection podcast May 09, 2023
3 woman, Magdaleen Kelly, Rebecca Saunders and Hayley Hoile, one sipping champagne, the others smiling at the camera, on a pink background

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Episode 100! I can’t quite believe it, but here we are, two years, 100 episodes, some incredible chats with some beautiful business women, all proud to stand in their definition of success, all with an interesting startup story and all prepared to offer you, my amazing listeners, their sage advice. 

When I was planning this episode, I wanted to do something special, so I invited three very special women in my life, Magdaleen Kelly, Rebecca Saunders and Hayley Hoile to chat about something we all agree is central to female lead business and that’s Collaboration, Community and the power of Connection. 

In this podcast we’re sharing our thoughts on the tops, but each of my special guests is sharing how working with other women in business has helped them grow their business to what it is today. 

Here’s a little more about each guest:

Rebecca Saunders – the one and only video Ninja, champion of women in business and a wonderfully wise business woman. Rebecca has a way of looking at a situation with a completely different light and her take on my business sale gave me the courage to negotiate a better deal, bite the bullet and sell part of my business. Rebecca's new venture for 2023, The Champagne Lounge, of which I’m a proud member, is the essence of exactly what we’re talking about today. 

Get in touch with Rebecca via Instagram or on the website.

Magdaleen Kelly  - aka Mags is a trusted friend and truly one of the good humans. Mags has an incredible bookkeeping and compliance business specialising in Xero solutions for small business; she’s one of those tech, puzzle-solving gurus we all need on our team. Need a Xero health check, Aquavantage is the place to go.

Get in touch with Magdaleen via Instagram or on the website.

Hayley Hoile – if you need an online business manager, admin, social media or website solution then Hayley is your go-to gal; she just gets it! Hayley is a connector, a woman in business who genuinely cares about making a difference and who is happy to support and connect business.

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