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Podcast Ep. 104 Nikki Ellis - Find Your Fierce - How to get strong, confident and be your best YOU!

business empowerment mindset podcast wellness Jun 13, 2023
Podcast guest, Nikki Ellis, with long blond hair wearing a white shirt and dark jacket, smiling at the camera in front of a light pink background

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Have you ever taken pause and wondered what happened to that strong, confident version of you? Maybe you feel like you’ve never been that person, or if you’re like me, a woman in her  fifties and navigating menopause, perhaps you wonder if you’re ever going to feel fierce again. 

In today’s episode of the podcast, I’ve called in the big guns, owner and founder of Cinch Training, Nikki Ellis. Nikki is a passionate Personal Trainer and thriving entrepreneur who believes that movement is magic and she’s on a mission to help her clients be their strongest, most confident selves. Co-author of two books and host of podcast 'Find your Fierce', Nikki believes movement is magic and today she’s sharing:

  • Her top training tips for women no matter their age or fitness level;
  • How to navigate perimenopause and menopause, gain strength, be more confident and get better sleep;
  • Why gyms don’t work for everyone and how you can train smarter not harder;
  • Her tips for starting a business in the wellness industry now.

It’s all about finding your fierce!

Connect with Nikki Ellis on Instagram or visit the website. Want to train with Nikki remotely? Give this link a click.


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