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Podcast Ep. 106 Six Figures in School Hours: Balancing Business Success and Parenthood with Kate Toon

book business mums in business podcast Jun 27, 2023
Podcast guest, Kate Toon, a woman with long brown hair wearing a cyan jacket, sitting on a chair, holding up her book, smiling at the camera

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Ever wondered how to build a six-figure business while still having time for your kids? Join our riveting conversation with award-winning entrepreneur, SEO wiz and copywriting guru, Kate Toon, as we dive into her new book, 'Six Figures in School Hours' and uncover her strategies for success.

We discuss the delicate balancing act of managing a thriving business and being a devoted parent. Kate shares her insights on understanding success metrics, managing guilt, and recognizing triggers that can lead to negativity. We also explore how to involve your family in your business and create a healthy work-life balance.

Don't miss our discussion on productivity and its role in managing both your business and parenthood. Kate offers her advice on setting realistic goals, effective communication, and ensuring self-care. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution - the key is to be kind to yourself. Tune in and get inspired to create a successful business that fits effortlessly into your life as a parent!

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