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Podcast Ep. 11 Kerrie Hess – The Business of Bliss. How to make money doing what you love!

books business podcast May 24, 2021
Kerrie Hess, a woman with long blond hair, wearing a lacey pink dress, sitting on a dresser with vases of flowers, in front of picture frames

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Aussie-born fashion and lifestyle illustrator, Kerrie Hess has carved a business out of doing what she loves.

In this episode, Kerrie shares her journey, beginning at age eleven and culminating in a career that has seen her collaborate with style-icons Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany, Lancome and Laduree Paris. We chat about how to create a business doing what you love and the fine line between creating for profit and creating for fun.

Kerrie also shares her process, why trusting yourself and being kind in so important in a creative business and the art of saying no, nicely. We also talk about her new book Joy in the Little Things, how to find joy in everyday life and turning it into a daily ritual.

Learn more about Kerrie and her art classes via her website or follow Kerrie on Instagram.


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