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Podcast Ep. 110 Justine McLean - Should I Start a Podcast? A Guide for Business Owners

business business strategy business tools communication marketing podcast Jul 25, 2023
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair wearing glasses, a bright pink shirt and black jacket, holding a microphone in one hand, smiling at the camera on a bright pink background

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Ready to discover the ins and outs of the podcast world? Diving headfirst into this ocean of potential can be thrilling, but it's vital to know what you're getting into. From my own experience of recording over 110 episodes, I'll share the truth about what's involved in starting a successful podcast, from the equipment to the meticulous planning, recording,  editing and publishing processes. We'll also dig into the essence of picking a unique topic, having a crystal-clear purpose, and identifying your target audience. 

How do you light the fire and keep it ablaze in the podcast world? Trust me, it isn't as daunting as it sounds. I'll be your guide on the journey to your first three episodes, and why having them ready at launch is critical.

Consistency is the fuel to your fire, and I'll share why it's the cornerstone of podcasting success. That's not all, we'll also explore the savvy strategies of using cross-promotion and social media to engage your audience and nurture a thriving community around your podcast. 

Let's talk expectations - those big numbers on download counts can be pretty alluring, but it's time we get real. A lot of new podcasters expect to hit the download jackpot when they launch but, truth be told, the initial numbers may not be that impressive. However, even the smallest audience is something to be cherished. We'll delve into the subtleties of leveraging your business podcast to amplify your expertise, gain credibility, and unlock new opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just getting your feet wet, this episode has priceless insights for you. Let's talk podcasting 101!

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