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Podcast Ep. 112 Justine McLean - Navigating lumpy income: practical tips for business owners

business business finances business strategy podcast Aug 08, 2023
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses, a bright pink jacket and white shirt, smiling at the camera, on a pale pink background.

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Ever wrestled with the unpredictability of your business income? In this episode, we're going to up your financial game plan with strategies to manage lumpy income and navigate through this often overwhelming hurdle. 

Let's unravel the strategies to create a financially stable business, even when your income swings like a pendulum. We'll take you on a journey through cash flow issues, budgeting strategies, and even guide you on managing income during product launches, client interactions, and economic downturns. 

Craving a safety net for your business in the lean months? We're going to build it together! This episode is all about cash flow forecasts and the creation of that vital emergency fund. We'll arm you with strategies to address cash flow gaps, anticipate future bills and taxes, and prepare for unexpected income recessions. You'll learn the art of diversifying income streams, tweaking prices to counter seasonality, and the right way to invoice. Also, we're throwing in some sure-fire marketing tactics to widen your customer base and maximize profits. Are you ready to gain control of your financial stability? Let's dive in!

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