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Podcast Ep. 113 Justine McLean - Why a slow economy doesn't have to impact your business - 10 tips for business success

business business finance business tips podcast Aug 15, 2023
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair tied behind, wearing glasses, a dark pink shirt, and a black jacket, smiling, with arms open wide, on a pale blue background

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Ladies and gents, let's challenge the way we perceive our businesses during tough times. No more doom and gloom; it's time to focus on the brighter side and how to stay profitable, sustainable, and successful regardless of market climate. Tune in today to discover why a slowing economy doesn't necessarily have to dictate the success of your enterprise. We're pulling back the curtain on a treasure trove of tips and strategies designed to keep your business ship sailing smoothly even amid stormy seas.

We're rewiring the concept of balance and success, moving away from the often unrealistic 50-50 split and embracing an ebb and flow pattern — a way to be fully present in the moment. Similarly, in this digital age, it's paramount to not only have an online presence but to continually assess it for relevance and impact. We're also delving into the importance of mentorship and getting a grip on financial fluency, an often intimidating but crucial aspect of running a successful business.

Lastly, be prepared to redefine your measure of success. We're talking about the power of passion and determination, and how these can transform your business dreams into reality. So, don't miss out on this riveting discussion on the secrets of successful businesses and handy tips on staying motivated and determined, even when the going gets tough. Remember, success is not just about overnight triumphs, it's also about the small victories we often overlook. Let's celebrate those together!


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