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Podcast Ep. 116 Amy Porterfield - Corporate gal turned multi-million dollar digital course creator – how a digital course can help your business boom

business course creation podcast pricing Sep 05, 2023
Amy Porterfield, a woman with long dark hair over one shoulder, wearing a cream jacket, hands clasped, smiling at the camera on a light blue background

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What if you could design, promote, and profit from your very own online course? With our special guest, Amy Porterfield, the online marketing maestro who's sold over 85 million dollars worth of online courses, you're about to learn how. Offering a treasure trove of advice, Amy maps out her journey from an accidental entrepreneur to a digital course-creating titan, revealing how she achieved financial, creative, time, and location freedom through digital courses.

Amy doesn't just introduce you to the world of digital courses; she provides a step-by-step roadmap to success. Her practical advice will guide you on how to promote your course online and how to use powerful selling vehicles like webinars. She also stresses the importance of creating course materials that don't merely sell, but help students reach their goals - think shorter videos, pep talk videos, and PDF support documents.

But that's not all. Amy also shares her tips on effectively selling and pricing your online courses. She emphasizes the need for adding a personal touch to digital courses, using webinars to build trust and create connections with students, and offering feasible payment plans. She even gives us a sneak peek into her five-day boot camp Course Confidence. And, in a candid moment, Amy talks about her journey to success, sharing the importance of embracing failure and building resilience in the face of setbacks. This is more than just a podcast episode - it's a masterclass in running a successful online course business. So, ready to take notes?

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