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Podcast Ep. 123 Beat the price hikes - Business and Personal Money Hacks with Jo Violeta

business business finance business tips podcast Oct 24, 2023
Jo Violeta, a woman with long blond hair pulled back, wearing a white, longsleeved shirt, holding her hand up to her ear, smiling at the camera, in front of a light blue background

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Ever juggled the demands of a newborn while diving head-first into a new business venture? That's exactly what our guest, Jo Violeta, founder and operations and marketing manager from Violeta Finance, did. In this highly practical episode, she gives us a peek into her journey from maternity leave to building an award-winning brokerage firm with her husband. Their goal? Making home loans more accessible.

Have you heard of the concept of abundance budgeting versus deficit budgeting? If not, you're in for a treat as Jo shares her unique approach towards managing finances. She invites us to explore a wide range of money management hacks including the benefits of meal planning apps, the importance of saving during tough times, the potential of cash flow tools and how a discovery call with a broker could save you money on a home loan.

This episode is action-packed, so grab a paper and pen and get ready for a wealth of insights that could change your life and your business!

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