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Podcast Ep. 127 Venessa Almond: How to adapt your business to current market trends

business business growth business tips marketing podcast Nov 21, 2023
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Imagine a future where you have a crystal ball to predict market trends, and a strong financial foundation to help your business thrive in changing landscapes. Well, in today's episode, business growth advisor, Venessa Almond, brings her rich experience from the trading floor to decoding market trends, and shares how your businesses can adapt and grow in this every changing market. 

Venessa and I also chat about the importance of financial literacy in running a successful business and Venessa opens up about her personal experiences with managing finances. From navigating a divorce to handling a mortgage at a young age, we talk about why entrepreneurs must understand their profit and loss and cash flow statements, future forecasting, and crucial financial metrics. Venessa sheds light on setting up systems to monitor these metrics routinely and provides invaluable advice on building a robust financial strategy.

But, there's more to business than just numbers. Venessa shares her thoughts on how businesses can leverage social, environmental, and technological factors to succeed. With climate change posing potential risks, and technology playing a crucial role in decision making, Venessa gives a 360-degree view of running a business in today's world. She shares her work experiences with wellness businesses, emphasising how businesses can attract customers who reflect their values.

Venessa also offers her advice on building a successful business strategy, stressing the importance of long-term planning, external progress monitoring, and skill development. This episode is a treasure trove of tips and strategies for business success. Tune in to unlock the secrets.

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