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Podcast Ep. 128 The Retail Academy: Tara Solberg's Roadmap to Retail Success

branding business business tips course creation podcast Nov 28, 2023
Tara Solberg, a woman with long brown hair, wearing a black sleeveless top and worn-out light blue jeans, sitting on a white chair, smiling at the camera, in front of a pale blue background

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Ever wondered how a clear purpose can lay the foundation for a thriving business? This week on the podcast Tara Solberg from Few & Far and Indigo Love shares her business story,  from graphic designer to successful retail store and wholesale business owner. Absorbing inspiration from her global travels, Tara and her husband Danny have successfully weathered the retail landscape's changes and even found time to nurture other retail business owners with the Retail Academy.

The Retail Academy is an invaluable resource hub bringing together experts from finance, legal, online and social media sectors to share their skills and provide retail owners with the necessary tools for success.

Tara and I chat about the importance of understanding your customer, creating enticing store experiences, and how to sculpt a team that embodies your brand’s vision.

We also chat about the power of maintaining a positive mindset amid business challenges and uncover how fostering a family-like atmosphere at the workplace can be your secret weapon for success. With a generous sprinkle of wisdom from her years in retail, Tara shares the insights she wishes she had when starting her business. A perfect blend of passion and structure, this episode is a treasure trove of secrets for running a successful business.

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