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Podcast Ep. 13 Pip Lincolne - Mum-Life, Business and Days Like These!

books business Jun 06, 2021
Pip Lincolne, a woman dressed in black and white, holding a dog, smiling at the camera, on a blue background

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Ever wondered how to manage mum-life while running your own business? Pip Lincolne, Mumpreneur, best-selling author, writer and creator of popular blog Meet Me At Mike's knows all too well what that's like.

In this episode we chat about the unique challenges and demands mums face daily on their parenting journey, especially those who are also trying to navigate life as an entrepreneur at the same time.

We also chat about:

  • Pip’s new book Days Like These – it’s full of fabulous tips for parents new and old;
  • Why mums matter most;
  • How to start a business as a mum or new mum;
  • Amping up creativity when its gone MIA; and
  • Self-supporting strategies for better mental health.

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