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Podcast Ep. 136 Justine McLean - One year on from selling my business, here's what I've learned

business business burnout business strategy podcast Feb 13, 2024
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses, a bright pink jacket and white shirt, smiling at the camera, on a pale pink background.

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When I decided to sell part of my business back in 2023, I had no clue what was ahead. 

From the strategic decisions to the emotional ones, twelve months on I want to share my journey with you, from my exit strategy to burnout and how I've transformed my business narrative. 

As I reflect on the evolution of my business philosophy, I maintain that quality, authenticity, and choosing the right clients—my "A-listers"—are the foundational pillars of a robust business. 

I hope this episode will inspire my fellow entrepreneurs to remain steadfast to their principles and goals, and for anyone gearing up to sell, I hope my journey before, during and after helps you too.

It's all about your unique definition of success.


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