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Podcast Ep. 141 Justine McLean - How to improve your money mindset and charge your value

business mindset podcast Mar 19, 2024
Podcast host, Justine, with long blond hair tied behind, wearing black-rimmed glasses, a dark pink shirt, and a black jacket, with arms open wide as she smiles at the camera

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Ever struggled with setting your prices or felt uncertain about the financial future of your business? You're not alone! 

But the reality is that your money mindset, money story and those limiting beliefs walking around with you could be to blame. 

So, in today's podcast Justine explores the often-unspoken tales we tell ourselves about money, and how reshaping those stories can revolutionise both our self-perception and business practices.

We're diving into the heart of those financial narratives you might be telling yourself, the power dynamic between fixed and growth mindsets, and how adopting a positive money approach through education and strategic influence can not only avert disaster but also attract prosperity and opportunity.

Finally, Justine tackles how mindset can influence your pricing decisions and why it's time to say farewell to hourly rates and embrace value-based pricing. It's all about value and has nothing to do with worth!

Let's take your money mindset from a source of stress to a pillar of strength as Justine equips you with the confidence to charge your value, stop trading hours for dollars and shift towards a business model that rewards outcomes over output. 

So if you're ready to step into a future where your financial acumen is a testament to your business's success, this is the conversation you won't want to miss.


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