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Podcast Ep. 142 Justine McLean - I've written a book and you can too!

book podcast Mar 26, 2024
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses, a bright pink shirt and black jacket, smiling, arms raised pointing at the camera, on a bright yellow background

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Ever wanted to write a business book? In this episode, Justine spills the beans on the realities of authorship, from the publishing industry’s intricacies to the strategic use of a book as a marketing powerhouse.

Learn what it takes to go from idea to published author as Justine delves into the meticulous process of transforming a mere outline into a manuscript—discussing the end-to-end process including the costs plus consistency vs procrastination, the writing process and balancing book duties with running a business.

We'll uncover the critical importance of pre-sales, the hustle of marketing, and the weighty financial considerations that come with getting a book into the eager hands of readers.

Join us as we navigate the publishing roller coaster and how to create a book with the potential to empower business owners across the globe to reach financial success.

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