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Podcast Ep. 143 Justine McLean - 30 Ways to save money in your business

business business strategy business tools podcast tips Apr 02, 2024
Podcast host, Justine, wearing a bright pink shirt and black jacket, holding a microphone in one hand, the other hand pointing up, smiling at the camera on a bright pink background

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Ever felt like the financial headwinds are just too strong for your small business to make headway? 

I'm Justine McLean, and I'm here to share 30 strategies that will help you navigate this season of business. From cloud accounting and AI, optimising your processes to getting better deals, this episode will give you suggestions and tools to save money, boost efficiency and profitability. 

Cutting costs doesn't have to mean cutting quality, so let's talk about outsourcing,  partnering with other businesses and improving your existing offers so you can save without cutting corners.

Tune in for a masterclass in creating a leaner, meaner business without losing the heart that makes it special or your sanity in the process.


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