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Podcast Ep. 16 Alicia Penhorwood- How to nail your marketing, PR and social media!

business marketing podcast social media Jul 03, 2021
Alicia Penhorwood, a woman with long dark hair dressed in light brown pants and jacket, sitting on the bedroom floor reading a magazine, smiling at the camera

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Alicia Penhorwood is a Marketing Strategy Coach & the Founder of Harper Collective. With over a decade of experience in the PR & Marketing industry, Alicia has had the opportunity to work alongside leading brands globally to help them amplify their message through PR, create an impact with meaningful content and gain clarity through strategy.

Today on the podcast we're chatting all marketing and PR:

  • The difference between advertising, marketing and PR and why they’re all vital in business;
  • Social Media Hacks – How to create a strategic social media plan and avoid the overwhelm;
  • Why the size of your social media following is irrelevant;
  • How to stop being a slave to your social media and make it work for you and your business;
  • Influencer marketing – why it works;
  • Understanding your marketing and social content pillars;
  • How to set sustainable boundaries and work within them – why it’s ok to choose your clients;
  • The benefits of podcasting, and;
  • Taking a side hustle full time.

Connect with Alicia here.


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