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Podcast Ep. 17 Bronwyn Bate - turning empathy into action with Mettle!

business podcast Jul 18, 2021
Bronwyn Bate, a woman with long dark hair, wearing a black jacket, smiling at the camera, on a pink background

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Bronwyn Bate the CEO and founder of Mettle Women Inc, is a social entrepreneur who is turning empathy into action via her not-for-profit organisation Mettle Women Inc . Her philosophy, “you deserve to be respected and you deserve to be happy”.

Mettle is a national gift delivery service that exists to create sustainable employment pathways for survivors of domestic and family violence, particularly those who are experiencing homelessness. Domestic and family violence is the largest driver of homelessness for women in Australia. Bronwyn and her team employ survivors and equip them with the skills, confidence, and financial security they need to secure and maintain employment and in turn, safe and stable housing.

Today we talk about:

  • How to start and run a not-for-profit;
  • The importance of human-centred businesses in todays environment;
  • Why it’s important to keep evolving as a business;
  • Trusting your gut – why it’s vital in business and why you need to listen; and
  • How investing in tech right off bat is a game changer.

National Hotline – 
1800 737 732
Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800
LQBTQIA+ line – 1800 184 527
The National Disability Abuse & Neglect Hotline -1800 880 052
ELDERHelp – 1800 353 374

Each state has a list of services that can be found here 

Learn more about Mettle Women Inc here

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