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Podcast Ep. 19 Briony Benjamin - What to Do When Life Throws You a Curveball

books business podcast Jul 31, 2021
Briony Benjamin, a woman with long blond hair, wearing a floral blue long-sleeved shirt, leaning up against a roughly plastered wall, smiling at the camera

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What would you do if life threw you a major curveball? How would you navigate it? For anyone struggling right now, this episode is a must-listen.

Today's guest Briony Benjamin, was diagnosed with cancer at 31, and to use Briony's words, she suddenly became the lead character in a film she didn't want to be in. Unlike her counterparts in PS I Love You or A Walk to Remember, there was no cheesy love story to sweeten the deal, just one big life detour that none of us would choose.

Rather than let this life-changing moment defeat her, Briony did what she knew best, turned the camera on herself and started documenting her journey. Her video ‘You Only Get One Life' went viral. Then, during lockdown in 2020, she also wrote her first book, ‘Life is Tough, But So Are You'. It's a guide for anyone navigating tough times in their life and needing some wisdom from someone whose been there, done that.

Tune in to episode 19 and hear first-hand how Briony kicked cancer's butt and get her tips for navigating those tough times. 

Connect with Briony here. Her new book Life is Tough But So Are You is available now from all good book sellers.


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