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Podcast Ep. 2 Jules Sebastian - Tea, Honesty and authenticity when YOU are your brand

branding business podcast Mar 29, 2021
Jules Sebastian, a woman with long blond hair, sitting on the floor in front of a blue sofa, wearing white pants and a brown shirt, bare foot, a coffee cup in front of her.

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Justine sits down with Jules Sebastian to discuss her new book Tea & Honesty, being a business owner when you are your brand, following your curiosity, finding your passion and what it means to live a life of purpose.

Jules is a TV presenter, stylist, public speaker, philanthropist, podcaster and newly minted author. She's built a loyal following through her YouTube program Tea with Jules, her warmth and her honesty. Jules is also a mum of two and the co-founder with her hubby guy of the Sebastian Foundation, a charity, which focuses on community needs and the next generation of youth in Australia. Her book Tea & Honesty is out now.

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