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Podcast Ep. 21 Marianna Agostino - Conscious Wealth Creation and Creating a Sustainable Business

business business finance podcast Aug 17, 2021
Marianna Agostino, a woman with long dark hair wearing a black dress, smiling at the camera, on a pink background

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The essence of a lifestyle business is balance – having enough business to pay the bills and enough life to enjoy what you have. That's the philosophy and approach of Marianna Agostino, my guest today and founder of Conscious Wealth Creation.

With a gift for numbers and an entrepreneurial journey anchored in the foundations of abundance, integrity, empowerment and acceptance, Marianna is on a mission to do tax and accounting differently. Her belief, that with the right tools and advise you will have the freedom to create a life of abundance.

In this episode we chat about:

The finance basics that all business owners need to understand;

  • Why business owners need to look at their numbers and how often;
  • What should all businesses be working on in the new financial year;
  • How to determine the driving force in your business and why it’s essential to recommit to your why regularly;
  • The tangible business or financial goals that all business owners should have on their radar;
  • How to define success in your business and generating the lifestyle you want;
  • Essential tech for business owners and understanding what’s right for your size business;
  • The best way to keep financially fit in business and in life; and
  • How outsourcing can save you time and money.

Marianna Agostino is a business and accounting expert who left the corporate world seven years ago to open her own accounting practice and create balance in her life. She believes that wealth is about more than just your finances and uses her unique skill set to work with a range of clients from individuals to small to medium business owners. Her mission is to break the mould and do tax and accounting differently, to help the most people, purposefully.

Connect with Marianna on Instagram here or visit her website. Marianna also has a course Learn How to Love Your Business (Financially)


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