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Podcast Ep. 22 Maha Corbett - How to run a successful business

business podcast wellness Aug 24, 2021
Maha Corbett, a woman with long auburn hair, wearing a cream top, sitting in front of a laptop, smiling at the camera

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My guest today Maha Corbett is the co-founder of SWIISH, number one online destination for women who want to supercharge their wellbeing and buy beautiful fashion and accessories.

Maha, is a certified health coach and best-selling author and her passion for good health and fitness has seen the development and expansion of the SWIISH wellness range.

In this episode, Maha is sharing her tips and tricks for running a successful online business, why it's important for business owners to make wellness a priority and what's it's really like managing a business with a newborn.

We also chat about:

  • Starting a business with purpose;
  • How to supercharge your wellness;
  • Starting a business without a plan and figuring it out as you go;
  • Successfully managing a team and how to run an online business in lockdown;
  • Diversifying your business, selling what works and pricing your products;
  • Using social media to grow your business.

Connect with on Instagram here or visit her website.


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