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Podcast Ep. 27 Casey Beros - A Bad Girl's Guide To Better

business business finance podcast wellness Sep 24, 2021
Casey Beros, a woman with brown hair, wearing black exercise clothing, sitting on a small stool, on a blue background

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My guest today is Casey Beros, author, presenter, keynote speaker and journalist.

Casey describes herself as a hugger, good at parallel parking and doing the worm. As a co-host of Channel Ten's Everyday Health and a health journalist, she has spent 15 years asking experts about how to live a happier and healthier life.

Now, Casey wants to use what she's learnt and shine a light on our shared experiences in a way that's honest, evidence-based and where appropriate, fun!  The author of ‘A Bad Girl's Guide To Better',  Casey wants women to stop feeling bad about themselves, their slip-ups, successes, and the size of their pants, and start loving their story.

We also chat about:

  • How to harness you badvantage and making peace with yourself;
  • Why women need to take responsibility for their own finances;
  • Smart ways to do business and why money doesn’t need to be the only commodity we trade;
  • Making healthy choices and building a life that you’re proud of;
    What trusting your intuition really means and how to stop putting pressure on our decisions.

Connect with Casey on Instagram here or visit her website.


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