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Podcast Ep. 29 Sarah Davidson – Entrepreneur life and how to seize the ‘yay' in every day!

business podcast Oct 09, 2021
Sarah Davidson, a woman with long dark hair wearing a long-sleeved white dress, smiling at the camera, in front of a beige background

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My guest today definitely brings the yay into every day. I'm thrilled to be chatting to Sarah Davidson, entrepreneur, author, and founder and host of the globally recognised podcast ' Seize the Yay' .

Sarah started her career as a risk adverse lawyer and, after buying a little too much matcha, became an ‘accidental' entrepreneur. Sarah loves a good pun, cracking motivational quotes, crime novels, and sloth Sundays, something that I also embrace!

Founder of Matcha Maiden, co-founder of Matcha Mylkbar, and host of vlog Spoonful of Sarah, I first met Sarah in 2020 as she released her first book, Seize The Yay. We were in the middle of Covid 1:0 but Sarah was determined to embrace the unexpected twists and turns of the pandemic just as she embraces the challenges of being in business, with a smile and a can-do attitude. Today we are chatting about life as an entrepreneur, how things have changed over the last year and how we can all get a little more yay into our day.

We also chat about:

  • Learning on the fly;
  • Take a leap of faith;
  • Why it’s important to fail and fail fast and fail forward;
  • How to get out of your comfort zone and why it’s a good thing; and
  • For those new to podcasting or thinking of giving it a crack, her expert insights;

Connect with Sarah on Instagram here or visit her website.

Read more about Sarah and her business journey here.


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