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Podcast Ep. 31 Threebirds Renovations Lana Taylor – How to create a dream home and a dream business.

business podcast Oct 29, 2021
3 woman, including Lana Taylor and her 2 business partners, sitting close together on a cream sofa smiling at the camera

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Renovating existing homes and buying real estate to update and flip has certainly gained momentum over the last few years, and today, those in the business of renovation are reaping the rewards. 

Today's guest, along with a couple of her best friends, started their business by renovating a single house back in 2014. Little did they know the Instagram account they set up for family and friends would spark a generation of DIY renovators and grow a multi-million dollar business.

Threebirds Renovations is known for their stunning house transformations, signature light, bright, and white style, and more recently The Reno School and The Styling School. They're inspiring countless women to follow in their footsteps.  

Today it's a pleasure to welcome one of the birds Lana Taylor to the podcast. We're going to talk about how to create a dream home and a dream business. 

We also chat about:

  • How Threebirds Renovations began; their business vision and how it’s evolved over the last seven years;
  • Navigating a business in a typically male-dominated industry;
  • What it’s like to work with your best friends and how each of their roles evolved and were defined as the business grew;
  • DIY and Style trends for 2022;
  • Why they chose to scale the business with The Styling School and The Reno School, and how you can be a part of it too;
  • The top 5 tips for renos or DIY;
  • Where to from here, what the future looks like for Threebirds.

Connect with Threebirds Renovations on Instagram here or visit the website.

Threebirds Renovations Dream Home How-To is available now from all good booksellers.


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