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Podcast Ep. 32 Erin Evans – Need to hire staff? Recruitment strategies for small business

business podcast recruiting Nov 09, 2021
Erin Evans, a woman with long auburn hair, wearing a jade shirt and black jacket, arms crossed, smiling at the camera, on a bright pink background

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Do you need to hire staff? Does the recruitment process give you hives? From when to hire and how to go about it, to sifting through the resumes and then picking the right candidate for the job; you either love it or hate it. There's no middle ground. 

HR and recruitment are foreign to many small business owners simply because it's one of those things in business that we rarely need to do. Today's guest, Erin Evans, is a recruitment expert and is going to share her secrets for streamlining the process.  

The Co-Founder and Director of Firesoft Group, Erin specializes in IT and digital recruitment and consulting services. A multi- award-winning business owner, Erin's experience spans franchise operations, startup build and systems implementation, business development, brand management, and of course, technology and the ever-evolving landscape of human capital, consulting and recruitment.

We also talk about:

  • Recruitment strategies for small business;
  • The right time to hire and recruitment dos and don’ts;
  • Choose the right person for your business;
  • Interview tips and great questions to ask;
  • How to manage salary negotiations; and
  • Onboarding new staff and how to welcome them to the team.

Interested in DIYing your recruitment? Take a look at uRecruit by Firesoft People.

uRecruit was developed to enable individuals responsible for hiring to quickly skill-up across the full spectrum of recruitment activities and provides step by step instructional videos, guided templates, project management tools, checklists and of course all the documents and forms required throughout the hiring process and beyond!

uRecruit exists to enable hiring managers to take on the pro's and secure the best talent to push their business forward! 

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Connect with Erin on Instagram here or visit the website.

More about Erin

Canadian born, Australian adoptee; Erin Evans is the Co-Founder & Director of The FIRESOFT Group. A group of companies encompassing Firesoft People; a National, multi-award-winning IT & Digital Recruitment Company and INTELLIGEN; a National Analytics and Insights Consulting Company, delivering full-cycle projects across Business Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning now partnering with some of Australia's largest Consumer-Focused Corporations. 

Over the span of 14 years, Erin has owned and operated an award-winning franchise for 4 years in Canada and co-founded three businesses in Australia.  Her breadth of experience spans across franchise operations, startup build & systems implementation, business development, brand management and of course technology and the ever-evolving landscape of human capital, consulting and recruitment. 


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