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Podcast Ep. 34 Justine McLean - Rest, recharge and reward yourself – taking holidays when you own a business!

business podcast tips Nov 20, 2021
Justine McLean, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses, a bright pink jacket and white shirt, smiling at the camera, on a pale pink background.

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If you own a business, you'll know that taking time off is not always simple. When others are planning holidays and trips away, you're wondering what the impact will be if you go MIA for a few days, let alone an extended period of time. 

In this episode I'm sharing tips learned over twenty plus years owning product and service based businesses. I'm diving into the practicalities so that you can start planning, avoid the overwhelm and create some much needed space.

I'm also discussing the business wins and how to reward yourself when they happen. My challenge to you is to not only plan to take time off these holidays, but also to reward yourself for another year in business.

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