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Podcast Ep. 36 Colleen Callander – Modern Leadership

business podcast woman leadership Dec 06, 2021
Colleen Callander, a woman with long blond hair. wearing glasses and a black suit, sitting on the floor with a laptop on her knees

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What does it mean to lead by design? For many it's about building culture, routine and structure to enable staff to shine and find success. For today's guest, Colleen Callander, it's also about being empowered to lead with confidence in business, and in life and that takes courage.

Colleen Callander, an award-winning CEO, has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in brand growth strategies.  The former CEO of SportsGirl, and founder of Mentor Me Women, Colleen is sharing her story, and her thoughts on leadership, brand development and the retail industry in her new book 
Leader By Design.

In this episode of the podcast we chat about:

  • Colleen’s remarkable career, starting as a retail assistant and working through the ranks to become CEO of SportsGirl;
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs;
  • What it means to be a ‘leader by design’; and
  • What ‘kindness as a new currency for leaders’ means.

Colleen also shares her advice for aspiring leaders and gives us the low-down on her new program ‘Mentor Me Women'.

Learn more about Mentor Me Women here.

If you'd like to read Colleen's book “Leader By Design” you can buy a signed copy here. You can also find it in all good bookstores. 

Connect with Colleen Callander on Instagram here or visit her website.


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