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Podcast Ep. 37 The Product Boss - How to get more customers to buy your products

business marketing podcast Dec 13, 2021
Two woman,  Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep, sitting at a desk behind a laptop

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If you own a product based business, the last two years have been tough. A pandemic, forced closures, the necessity to move online, it’s all taken a toll. So, today I’m calling in the experts, Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep are The Product Boss, and if you want to get more customers to buy your product then this episode is a must listen.  

Minna is an Amazon guru with over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. She is the owner of Lil' Labels and has a revenue of multiple 6-figures selling on Amazon, Walmart and Jet. Jacqueline is a fashion designer and business strategist, founder and CEO of Designer Consulting Co-op and she has helped over 2,000 fashion-based brands grow their business. She founded Cuffs Couture and sold products worldwide. Today they are The Product Boss. With a podcast of the same name boasting over 2 million downloads, online courses and resources tailored to help product-based business and their new world-wide Small Business Shopping Directory, Minna and Jacqueline are the product gurus.

On this episode they share:

  • How product based businesses can get more clients and make more money simply by staying local;
  • The LEANS framework and how to use pull marketing to increase your reach;
  • Why it’s vital to follow-up with your customers to get the sale;
  • How to leverage social media to gain traction;
  • Simple ways to find your customer community;
  • Short game and long game strategies for successful business; and 
  • Why organic growth wins every time.

We also chat about their new initiative, the Small Business Shopping Directory and the 1 in 5 Pledge' even Aussie Businesses can get involved. We'd love for all listeners to partake in the Shop 1-in-5 Small Business Pledge at or at the link here. 

Connect with The Product Boss on Instagram here or visit the website.


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