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Podcast Ep. 4 Emma Blomfield – The Business of Decorating

books business podcast Apr 04, 2021
Emma Blomfield, a woman with short blond hair wearing a sleeveless white dress sitting at a table working on a laptop with a vase of flowers in front smiling at the camera

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 Ever wanted to start your own interior design business or want to know the best way to scale? Justine speaks with modern-day innovator Emma Blomfield to find the answers. Emma is the go-to interior designer for both residential and commercial property, a sought-after A-list event planner and author of two best-selling books. She's just celebrated ten years in her Interiors business and her new business, the industry disrupting Décor Library, is taking the industry by storm.

Emma shares her secrets for starting as a side-hustler and scaling your business, why it's not always a good idea to niche and how to attain an enviable social following and grow a passionate community of like-minded creatives.

You can find Emma at Emma Blomfield Pty Ltd or Décor Library


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