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Podcast Ep. 41 Meg Burrage – Launch Strategies That Work

business launch strategies podcast Jan 31, 2022
Meg Burrage, a woman with long blond hair wearing a yellow shirt, laughing, on a blue background

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You've got the product, the service or the offer and now all you have to do is sell it. Easy right? For many business owners this is where the stress kicks in, because now you have to launch and sell. 

Today's guest, multi-award winning entrepreneur and Kajabi specialist Meg Burrage, is sharing her secrets for creating a killer launch strategy that will help you get the most out of your next offer launch. This episode is Launching 101 – from runways to upsells, platforms and specific tried and tested strategies. Meg also shares:

  • Her fascinating business journey; why she closed the doors on her award-winning business and how she created a global empire;
  • The challenges of running a global business and how to avoid them;
  • What happens if you launch to crickets? Practical solutions when no one is buying;
  • Why understanding your definition of success can make all the difference to your business;
  • Why she uses Kajabi and how to make the most of the platform.

If you're interested in hosting your website or offers on Kajabi, you can download one of Meg's FREE Kajabi Website Homepage templates here. You can buy a complete Kajabi template pack here.

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