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Podcast Ep. 42 Jodi Wilson – Practising Simplicity

books business mums in business podcast Feb 07, 2022
Jodi Wilson, a woman with windswept shoulder-length dark hair wearing a light, long-sleeved white shirt, with the beach in the background

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Would you be brave enough to pack up your life, embrace your fear and hit the road?

Today's guest, Jodi Wilson did just that when an off the cuff remark from her husband at a school concert turned into a life-changing adventure. Leaving the frenzy of juggling city commutes, school drop-offs and extracurricular activities behind, Jodi and her family of six used their hard-earned house deposit, bought a car and caravan and began an unforgettable road trip around Australia.

In this episode, Jodi is going to share what she learned in the days, weeks and months when small steps and brave choices touched each and every day. A yoga teacher, writer and photographer, Jodi's new book Practising Simplicity is visually beautiful and gives us all unflinching encouragement to let go of the unnecessary and celebrate the simple yet extraordinary joys that make life meaningful.     

Jodi also shares:

  • Tips for freelancers, digital nomads and creatives running a business from home;
  • Tips when travelling with four kids
  • What living simply really means and how to incorporate it into your everyday;
  • Why selling up and consciously deciding to live a slower life can lead to happiness; and 
  • How to embrace your definition of success without apology.

Connect with Jodi on Instagram here or visit the website.

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