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Podcast Ep. 44 Karrie Chariton-Bhurgari – The Power of Pinterest

business business tools marketing podcast social media Feb 20, 2022
Karrie Chariton-Bhurgari, a woman with long auburn hair, wearing glasses, a pink and white polka dot blouse, and denim jacket, smiling at the camera, on a pink background

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Most of us have gone onto Pinterest at some point for inspiration, to save ideas for decorating or renovations. But did you know that Pinterest can also be used as a search engine and advertising?  It can often have better conversion rates than other platforms.

My guest today Karrie Chariton-Bhurgari, is a Pinterest and Digital marketing strategist. Karrie 
shares her secrets and strategies for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

Karrie also shares:

  • How to use Pinterest for business;
  • Why Pinterest is the go-to marketing tool for 2022; and
  • Ways to make Pinterest work over the long-term.

If you're interested in Karrie's Pinning Foundations course, you can find more details here. 

Connect with Karrie on Facebook or visit her Website, Instagram and obviously Pinterest.


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