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Podcast Ep. 45 Erika McInerney – Making social media work for your business

business business tools podcast social media Feb 28, 2022
Erika McInerney, a woman with dark blond hair tied back, wearing a blue and white stripped tshirt and a peach jacket, smiling at the camera, on a blue background

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Social media, you either love it or hate it. In today's landscape it's become an essential tool for business, but how do you use it for business and get noticed above all of the noise? 

Today's guest, Erika McInterney from Mac&Ernie is a social media and online marketing expert and she's going to share some straightforward and cost effective options for marketing our business and increase our sales in the process. 

Erika also shares:

  • How to create community in and around our business;
  • Why vanity metrics aren’t important; and
  • The best way to market your business without using social media!

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