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Podcast Ep. 5 Lisa Messenger - How to find your purpose and build a business you'll love

business podcast Apr 12, 2021
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Want to start your own business? Looking to define your why, your purpose and turn that into a business you'll love? In this episode I chat with Lisa Messenger, an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, thought leader and sought after global public speaker about how to make it happen. Lisa is a best-selling author, founder of the Messenger Group and Collective Hub and if she can imagine it, there's a pretty good chance she can make it happen. 

Lisa has been inspiring millions of business owners all over the world with her open and honest approach to business and what really goes into creating a successful business. Today we're talking about purpose, how to unleash your why, find your purpose and live your most magical life. 

We also cover:

  • Failing fast – how to bounce back when things don’t quite go to plan;
  • How to play to your strengths and know when to outsource, especially if you’re just not good at something;
  • Hiring specialists who align with your vision, values and mission;
  • Working from anywhere – giving your staff the flexibility to work in the most productive way possible and trusting them to get the job done;
  • Repurposing content and how to use it on multiple platforms
  • The importance of future-proofing your business.

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