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Podcast Ep. 51 Katy Prince – How to sell without the ick! The art of Squirm Free Sales

business podcast sales Apr 25, 2022
Katy Prince, a woman with short-cropped hair wearing a black blouse and blue jeans, laughing with arms wide in front of an orange background

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How does selling, or more specifically, selling your products or services make you feel? 

Are you a master at delivering the perfect sales pitch or does the thought of selling make you squirm? Apart from the finances, selling is one of the most overlooked areas of business. You'd be surprised how many business owners shy away from the sale, and it's often the biggest challenge they'll face in their day-to-day business. 

But without selling it's almost impossible to create a sustainable and successful business. So, where's the sweet spot for those business owners who need to master the art of selling but absolutely hate the idea?

 Today's guest, Katy Prince, is selling royalty, yep pun intended. Katy is a Squirm-free sales coach, ethical copywriting expert and founder at the Squirm Free School of Business. Katy helps service-based business owners master the art of squirm-free selling so they can increase their revenue and sustainability by embracing an ethical and authentic sales strategy. It's selling without the ick or the apologies!

Connect with Katy and sign up for her 2023 Sales Academy over at the Squirm Free School of Business here or connect with Katy directly and visit her personal website here. I'm told she writes a pretty mean newsletter and Sunday Slice is definitely one to opt in to.


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