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Podcast Ep. 52 Sheree Rubinstein – The power of community plus how to create a kick-arse membership site

business podcast Apr 29, 2022
Sheree Rubinstein, a woman with brown hair tied up wearing a sleevless olive green top and black skirt with her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera in front of a pale blue background

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Business is all about community. Like-minded business owners supporting one another and cheering one another on. It's about collaborating, sharing and working together rather than in competition.

Today's guest Sheree Rubinstein co-founded One Roof as a way to elevate women to success. What started as a test, a pop-up co-working space in St Kilda, is now a digital membership for countless women who enjoy a shared vision and willingness to learn from one another. In this episode of the podcast we're going to chat about memberships, community and changing your business model when the unexpected happens.

Connect with Sheree on Instagram or visit the website.


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