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Podcast Ep. 55 Caitlin Marwaha – 5 Stages to Style on A Budget

business empowerment podcast May 19, 2022
 Caitlin Marwaha, a woman with long wavy auburn hair, wearing a white shirt and grey jacket with a vase of flowers to the side

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Diane von Furstenberg once said that “style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it”, but finding that style can sometimes be the issue.

Today's guest, qualified personal stylist and entrepreneur Caitlin Marwaha believes that style is about looking great, feeling great and having fun with your wardrobe. It's about confidence, empowerment, ease and elevation and that's precisely what Caitlin helps her clients achieve.

On today's podcast we're talking about Caitlin's 5 Stages to Style. How we can all feel empowered and confident with our everyday fashion choices and how that feeling can impact every other part of our lives. We're also diving into Caitlin's ‘overnight business success' that's been eleven years in the making. A must listen for all of those Boss Mummas out there.

Connect with Caitlin on Instagram or visit the website.

Follow the links to join Caitlin's 5 Stages to Style signature course or her membership CM Style Squad.


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