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Podcast Ep. 61 Jacqui Lewis – The 14 Day Mind Cleanse

mindset podcast wellness Jul 01, 2022
Jacqui Lewis, a woman with dark blond hair in a short ponytail sits sideways in a yoga meditation pose wearing a cream floral robe with water in the background

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Anxiety, overwhelm and overthinking can lead to continuous stress, lack of sleep, illness and often an inability to function at the top of your game. It's a common problem for many business owners, especially those running a solo operation and trying to be everything to everyone. So, how can we break the cycle?

Today's guest, internationally renowned speaker and meditation teacher and founder of The Broad Place Jacqui Lewis has created the 14-day mind cleanse to help us on the way. It's an achievable program using simple techniques to help clear out the mental clutter and introduce calm and positivity back into every day. In this episode, Jac is going to share some tips and techniques that we can use right now to help transform our lives.

Connect with Jac on Instagram or visit the Broad Place website.


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