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Podcast Ep. 63 Brydie Stewart - Turning your passion into profit

business podcast Jul 15, 2022
Brydie Stewart, a woman with long blond hair, wearing a loose white and black spotted long-sleeved blouse, in front of a wall of designer fabric, , laughing at the camera

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If you had the opportunity to follow your passion and turn it into a business, would you be brave enough to take the chance? Well that's exactly what today's guest did and I can't wait for her to share her story.

Brydie Stewart is a teacher turned internationally recognized fibre artist and textile designer, turned entreprenuer. Her business Mary Maker Studio was born out of her love for home interiors, rich textural mediums and the belief that art can transform and enliven a space. It also happens to be the mecca for lovers of macrame, weaving and fibre art. From tools and supplies to DIY kits and workshops as well as Brydie's signature range the Mary Maker Studio Luxe Colour Cotton. Today we're talking about turning your passion into profit and how to create a business doing something you love.

Connect with Brydie on Instagram or visit the website. Brydie also hosts lots of how-to, creative videos over on YouTube.


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