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Podcast Ep. 67 Kristy Robinson - Booked out and stressed out? The real impact of overworking and undercharging!

business business strategy mindset podcast Aug 16, 2022
Kristy Robinson, a woman with long blond hair, wearing glasses and a blue short-sleeved v-neck dress, with a laptop in front of her, smiling at the camera

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Hustle culture! If you’re a regular listener you’ll know how much I dislike the concept. But not buying into it, is one of those things I have to actively work at every single day because it’s so easy for me to say yes to everyone and everything and before I know it I’m booked out, stressed out and the hustle almost does me in. I’m wishing the weeks away to get beyond the latest work-load, all of my own doing I might add. Anyone else, or is it just me?

For that reason, I’m always interested in what other entrepreneurs do in their business, how they manage their schedules, work-loads and what they do when the energy starts to wane.

Today’s guest, business coach Kristy Robinson, helps business owners scale and build sustainable business through strategy and systems. In this episode we’re talking about business overwhelm, what to do when you can no longer fit it all in, you’re overworking, undercharging and simply treading water. So if you’re booked out and stressed out or you’ve fallen out of love with your business stay tuned.

Connect with Kristy on Instagram or visit the website.


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