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Podcast Ep. 68 Claudia Neal-Shaw - The Power of Virtual Connection

business business tips communication podcast Aug 23, 2022
Claudia Neal-Shaw, a woman with long blond hair wearing a long-sleeved red dress smiling at the camera in front of a cream background with a dark blue circle border

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How good would it be if we started a business and the clients just appeared, no effort required? Arguably, one of the easiest ways to market your business is via one to one connection with your ideal customer and once upon a time, with a new networking event to attend every other week, it was possible to share your business with prospective clients easily. However, the pandemic put the kibosh on events and for the most part, opportunities to network have been few and far between, and honestly, I thought the virtual stuff was done.

So, I was intrigued a few weeks ago when Claudia Neal-Shaw from Candour Consulting, hosted a virtual connection event that included a couple of my friends. I immediately reached out to Claudia and asked her on the podcast to share what it’s all about and why she decided to host these regular events.

Connect with Claudia on Instagram or visit the website.


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