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Podcast Ep. 69 Angie Martin - The Power of Lead Magnets

business business strategy business tools marketing podcast Aug 30, 2022
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What’s a lead magnet, should you be using them as a tool to grow your business, and are they really worth the time and effort? 

Personally, I love a great lead magnet. It’s a way of providing your ideal client a valuable tool to help them in their life or business, and in return you get the email address of a warm lead that you can nurture and turn into a raving fan. 

Lead magnets can provide a snap shot of your services and show your ideal client how you can help them on their business or life journey.  And given that warm, nurtured leads are more likely to buy from you, I absolutely think they’re worth the investment. But rather than take my word for it, today I’m bringing in an expert.

Angie Martin founder of the Growth Manager specialises in digital marketing and in this episode we’re going to talk about the power of lead magnets and why they should absolutely be part of your marketing strategy.

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Here’s all the assets we mentioned during the podcast, download and enjoy!

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