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Podcast Ep. 7 Anita Siek – The power of words. How to get more customers and make your brand stand out.

branding business podcast Apr 25, 2021
Anita Siek, a woman with long dark hair, wearing a large black hat and floral dress, sitting on a bench amongst a selection of house plants, laughing.

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Anita Siek is the founder of Wordfetti. A brand DNA power-house that helps brands who “don't do normal”, standout through the power of consumer psychology, design thinking and words. An ex-lawyer who was reluctant to leave her day job, Anita started Wordfetti as side hustle. It was a way for her to pursue her love of words and it quickly turned into her full-time gig.

In this episode Anita and I chat about the power of words and how to craft your messaging to attract your ideal customer. Anita also explains what goes into creating a stand-out brand and how to craft your brand DNA.

We also talk about:

  • How to build a trusted brand;
  • Who are you selling to? How to work out who your ideal client really is;
  • Validating your services and then selling them to your ideal client;
  • Truly understanding what success means to you and knowing if/when to scale your business;
  • Anita’s approach to setting her pricing and why the transformation she delivers is worth every cent; and
  • Learning how to Zig when others Zag!

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