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Podcast Ep. 71 Mel Schilling - The C Word - How to build your confidence from the ground up

book business tips business tools mindset podcast Sep 13, 2022
Mel Schilling, a young woman with long blond hair over one shoulder, wearing large earings and a bright pink jacket, arms crosssed, leaning up against a wall, smiling at the camera

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Confidence is a skillset, and it’s something today’s guest, qualified specialist in human behavioural performance, Mel Schilling, says can be learned. For those of us who weren’t born with natural confidence, yep I’m talking to my fellow introverts out there, or anyone listening who finds imposter syndrome creeping into the way you conduct your business or life, the idea that we can become more confident, feels pretty damn good.

Mel believes that confidence, resilience and self-belief can be developed and are essential to helping us thrive. In her new book The C Word, Mel shares practical skills and empowering tools to help us embrace our confidence and begin to flourish.

In today’s episode, Mel is sharing her tips to help us build more confidence from the ground up and how to make a meaningful impact through confidence and courage.

Connect with Mel on Instagram or visit the website.


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