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Podcast Ep. 74 Rebecca Haydon - The 5 Things Standing in Your Way of Achieving Your Biggest Month Yet

business business tips mindset podcast Oct 04, 2022
Rebecca Haydon, a woman with long blond hair wearing a sleeveless cream dress, smiling at the camera with a staircase and pot plant behind her

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How changing your mindset can change your life and business for the better. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  1. How our subconscious mind impacts the way we approach our business 
  2. How to connect and align with our higher selves to achieve success 
  3. The five things that are standing in our way when it comes to achieving our biggest months in business

We also chat about how to get those dreamy ideal clients, tools for dealing with down-days and how NLP can play a part in your day-to-day life and business. Rebecca also walks us through a DIY NLP practice.

"The subconscious mind always wants the path of least resistance." - Rebecca Haydon

Rebecca Haydon is a mindset and business coach, attraction, marketing queen, hypnotherapist and NLP expert and podcast host of The Rebecca Hayden Show. Rebecca specialises in helping ambitious and passionate female entrepreneurs step into their superpower, create unstoppable confidence, and grow their empire. Her mission, to help business women show up as the expert and sign consistent clients. She guides her clients to rewire their subconscious thoughts and create powerful behavioural changes so they can reach their business goals and step into their superpower.

Rebecca says...

'I think one of the biggest things standing in our way when it comes to achieving success is ourselves. Our subconscious mind is always searching for safety and comfort, and sometimes that can hold us back from taking risks or stepping into new territory. It's important to become aware of our limiting beliefs and work on shifting them so we can move forward and achieve our goals. Knowing what we want and being specific about it can also help our subconscious mind align with our desires and help us take the steps needed to achieve them'.


Here's Rebecca's Content Bible. You can also find Rebecca on Instagram or her website. In the mood for a brand new podcast? Listen to the Rebecca Haydon Show.


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