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Podcast Ep. 8 Michelle Broadbent - Do you really need a VA? Productivity hacks that will get your business firing.

business hiring podcast Apr 30, 2021
Michelle Broadbent, a woman with long brown hair, wearing a white shirt and pants, and a blue blazer, sitting on a bench on a white porch

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Michelle Broadbent is a transformative business coach and solopreneur. She’s also known as a sounding board, voice of reason and cheerleader for countless women in business, and is definitely the business wing-woman that every business owner should have. 

How to avoid business overwhelm is always a hot topic. Business owners often believe that the answer lies in hiring a magical VA who will get you organised and get your business firing. In this episode Michelle and Justine dive into the reality of having too much to do and if a VA is really the answer. 

We talk about the best way to outsource, productivity hacks that will help you get better organised, how to work on your business rather than in it and the importance of serving over selling.

Michelle takes us behind the scenes of her business sharing her insights, favourite productivity tools and how to get better organised.

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