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Podcast Ep. 83 Gina Ciancio - How to use Pinterest to grow your business

business marketing planning podcast social media Dec 06, 2022
Gina Ciancio, a woman with long brown hair, wearing a long-sleeved floral pint shirt, sitting on a white arm chair, smiling at the camera

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Do you use Pinterest for business? Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is a search engine and while it's popular for business internationally, here in Australia, it's business benefits remain untapped.

Today’s guest Gina Ciancio founder and owner of Style Curator, started her business eight years ago and attributes her success in large part to the power of Pinterest. With more than 90 thousand followers and 30 million impressions, in today's episode, Gina is sharing exactly how she used Pinterest to grow her business.

Plus, Gina will walk us through how to use the platform, no matter what business you're in, to grow your business without being tied to social media algorithms.

Gina is also sharing her secret for growing a successful business and how to transform your business with video content that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Want to learn more about Gina and Style Curator? Here's the link to the Style Curator website and you can follow Gina on Pinterest here.

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