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Podcast Ep. 85 Alice Zaslavsky - The Joy of Better Holiday Cooking

book business lifestyle podcast Dec 20, 2022
Alice Zaslavsky, a woman with shoulder-length dark hair, wearing glasses and a pink shirt on a grey background

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Award winning author, culinary correspondent, radio host and creator of digital food education program Phenomenom, today’s guest is also known as Australia’s friendliest voice in food. Known for her vegetable-forward recipes, Alice Zaslavsky started her food journey in 2014 as the Adventurer-in-Residence for the Prahran Markets. And with her new book The Joy of Better Cooking, Alice wants to lead us on a food journey to become intuitive and confident cooks.

So, whether you’re a dab hand in the kitchen or simply trying to work out how to perfect avo on toast, in this episode Alice is going to share her tips and shortcuts to find the joy and ease in cooking for family and friends. And given the holiday season is upon us, her timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Connect with Alice via Instagram or on her website here.


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